We work with prestigious national and international artists,
artists explore Haxu 3D as a platform for their experimentation
and to solve technical problems that their parts have.


We scan a physical part to a 3D model.
Which can be modified, scaled and made fits completely. Split it into several pieces for mold making.


We work with different types of materials, such as resin with marmolin, casteable resin for jewelry, photosensitive resin with great reproduction detail, we have also manufactured prototypes for bronze shells and molds.

3D printing allows you to express your ideas to the fullest without the technological and material limitations that they coexist with daily, Haxu 3D translates your ideas to the technical requirements that are necessary.

Our portfolio has confidentiality agreements, you will only find some projects that have shared some images to us. Our quality is exceptional and our methods innovative that do not exist anywhere else. Thank you this our pieces have been in museums like the Jumex and other galleries in New York and England.