Protective masks in 3D printing

Protective masks are an auxiliary that can prevent contagion, the materials used are food grade and provide a crystalline mica that does not tire the eye, in addition to a lightweight and comfortable design that allows continuous use of it, other materials such as acrylic, thermoforming and pvc’s can deform vision.


  • 0.5mm PETG sheet with removable blue protective film
  • Elastic with adjustable hanger, for comfort.
  • PLA 3D printing crown

Sanitization process

To sanitize and reuse the masks, the hull spring must be disassembled and immersed in a solution with biodegradable soap and water, alcohol at 70 or chlorine at 5 after that, let dry and reassembled in the spring or crown.

These protective masks do not replace mouth coverings or other prevention equipment. *Colors may vary


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