You dont need
a Mold just print it!
3D printing fuctional parts can replace small productions of ABS plastic, using Nylon 3D printed parts ¡Contact Us!
The new advance releasers in 3D printing production parts feature sturdy materials such as nylon which is a good substitute for many plastics due to its strength and flexibility.


  • Equipo de laboratorio, médico, electrónico, aeroespacial y la industria mecánica.

In these cases additive technology has been a watersase to produce only the parts that are needed with more affordable prices.


We study or design
3D pieces

With precision tools we reproduce the model to prototype

We send it to our customers for feedback

Authorizing and finishing this stage starts production


The minimum production is 25 pieces

Parts must be larger than 60X40X25cm

Prototypes of the final parts are printed

We as a company seek to have extensive communication with our customers to work with speed and obtain the g ranprofit that is possible to provide through reverse engineering.



It is a biodegradable plant-based plastic. Its popularity in 3D printing is due to its incredible printing ability and versatility.

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PLA printing and performance is one of the easiest materials to print, without worrying about having exact print settings. Temperatures are flexible, deformation is minimal and there are no strong printing odors. Especially in recent years, PLA blends have improved greatly over lasting. Many are even stronger than their standard ABS. Unless your application requires significant load capacity and durability, PLA should serve you well.

Photosensitive Resin

Stereolithography (SLA is also known as stereolithography apparatus, optical manufacturing, photo-solidification or resin printing).

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It is a form of 3D printing technology used to create models, prototypes, patterns and production parts in one layer per layer using photochemistry. processes by which light causes chemical monomers to come to form polymers.

Photosensitive resin is ideal for small pieces with great detail such as jewelry that can be casteable, figures and sculptures of small sizes or when a lot of precision is needed.


It is a very durable and durable material, which offers some flexibility in thin walls.

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Since nylon has a high melting point with a very low coefficient of friction, it is mainly used in the printing of functional gears. Nylon is ideal when the part to be produced is not a prototype but a replacement functional part or a new machine, nylon helps produce parts that replace small abs plastic injection productions.