How do I submit my file?

It’s very simple, since you have your 3D modeled file of your design, we can review it and give you the best option for your needs; Whether you need rapid prototyping of 3D printing or are thinking of a mass production project, your file must be set up correctly since in many cases the parameters of some softwares are not made for 3D printing, here are some tips before you send it and we can easily review it:


What type of file?

The two files that work best to visualize your design are:

  • .obj
  • .stl

Any other creation files such as .ma, .mb, .fbx, .3dm, .cad, .dwg, .dwf, etc., do not allow a correct display of the object. Almost all software has options so you can export them in the right way.


Is your file "Watertight"?

“Watertight” is a common term in 3D printing that refers to your object being sealed from all their faces as one thing, even if they are multiple objects interacting all of them must be traversing the other figures (You can also use Booleans to join, but it is not necessary if each object is welded correctly).


Does your file come with the desired scale?

Although in the form below we ask for height of the object as a reference, it is very important that the submitted file comes with its origin at 0.0,0 and on a realistic scale according to your project.