3D printing beyond technology to explore art and design

With the accessibility of 3D printing these days many people have their own 3D printer at home and some ideas about the projects to create. The technology and designs already available are certainly exciting, but they don’t provide everything that an individual or company could benefit from 3D printing.

3D printing is not just a stylish new tool for creating figures, spare parts and other items. Tools alone do nothing. A hammer, chisel, or brush may be within reach, but it’s the skill and creativity of the wearer that makes the difference. The same can be said for 3D printers. Without the creativity and unique forecast that comes from professional designers, no project can reach its full potential.

“Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important.”

Bill Gates

Many people see this new production possibility as a way to quickly and economically create many of the same objects. Yes, 3D printing offers these capabilities, especially for individuals or small businesses who may not order in high enough quantities to hire the services of a mass production factory. However, the process includes much more than loading a plane into a computer and flipping a switch.

Do you simply want another printed thing, or that your artistic vision comes to life in detailed format with a creative touch?

The difference with Haxu 3D

Instead of starting with Cookie-Cutters

, we start with a creative idea. No matter what type of character, figure or design you dream, we have the creative professionals to develop it in a working 3D printing project. Yes, Haxu3D has the latest 3D printing technology to build and finish high quality projects.

However, we have something additional that other 3D printing companies or individuals with printers at home or in studio cannot offer. From start to finish, we take care of the precise design and production requirements.

What kind of 3D printing do we do?

The 3D printing specialists found here can incorporate their unique talents with their project different industries, using very similar and flexible tools. We create prototypes or finished parts of a variety of materials for you. We can work with a design and transform it into a sample or production of parts of a project for mass production.

We work with artists, industrial companies, organizations and individuals who want the best possible 3D printing services. Our experience ranges from the meticulous production of medical and laboratory equipment to the creation of playful Vikings for cartoon companies. Options include creating products or printing molds that allow the creation of products from other materials such as clay, resin or even chocolate.

Almost every possible industry and niche in today’s world is affected by the innovative advances in 3D printing. However, technology and tools do nothing without creative minds that feed every project. That’s what we offer in Haxu 3D, and that’s what you need to truly manifest your vision, whether artistically, playful or scientifically accurate.

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